Sean's Biography

Sean Booth portrait

Sean Booth began his life as a Sydney boy but began his career as a metalsmith upon moving to Canberra to study. Completing his undergraduate studies at the ANU School of Art in the Gold and Silver smithing workshop in 2002, he now has established a workshop in the Canberra region. Sean’s practice has continued to evolve and grow since completing his formal training, with experiences in private commissions, teaching and large public art. Sean has continued to exhibit since graduation locally, nationally and internationally.

His practice consists of two main threads of investigation. One focuses on the more traditional use of silver and hammer work within a contemporary context. The other one explores modern materials and process to generate a wide body the structures that can be built with a sense of fluidness. His work takes on as many varied forms as sculptural works, domestic and architectural lighting, limited edition series and private commissions.

With a desire to always progress his practice, Sean seeks new techniques and methods of expanding his skill base. In a recent return to formal study Sean is focusing on gaining a greater understanding of engineering and modern manufacturing processes. This has expanded his scope of artistic exploration and design resolution, further fuelling the evolution of his practice.

This development of his practice now extends to the working with other artist, assisting them to achieve their goals. Consulting with them to custom design and fabricate engineering solutions for presentation of art works, through to utilising his broad skill range to complete resolution of fine detail design and fabrication of a conceptual vision.

Sean has worked closely with and developed a strong friendship with mentor Robert Foster, employed by Fink and Co. for many years. His role evolved to see his understanding of modern manufacturing techniques become informative to the development of new products and special projects during his time at the company.

To reciprocate for the support he has received towards his goals and development, Sean is an involved member of Canberra’s art community. With experience of managerial participation with not-for-profit organisations, Sean has gained an invaluable understanding of the arts community and how he can assist in its development for the benefit of all.